Saturday, February 21, 2015

Something I love -- Knitting Needles

I just ordered nickle plated needles and love them.  I thought they would be too slick to work with but they are wonderful on the yarns I have tried so far.  So today "Something I love --  Knit Pick needles

Knit Picks

Friday, February 20, 2015

More Than A Year

It has been more than a year since I have posted on my blog Beloved-Creations.  I am going to start again, I hope.  It has been a record breaking cold February here in Asheville and we are all in the eastern U.S. sick of this winter.  So since I have been house bound, I have time to write.  LOL

What will I post.

Pictures of what I am working on:

Pictures of how I decorate my small apartment:

The art galleries, restaurants, antique stores, flea markets, thrift stores, etc that I visit.

Cool yarn I buy, spin, or see.

What I want to accomplish this year.

So 1st post is what I'm working on:  A cowl and fingerless gloves for my daughter Teresa.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Shelves

When I moved to my new apartment, I started looking for book shelves for my tons of craft books. I have so many knitting, crochet, spinning, and sewing books I needed bookshelves that would not buckle under the weight.  Every thing I found was too expensive or just was not strong enough to hold everything. I loved the utilitarian look of the Kenzo Shelf at One King's Lane for $1300 but I wanted a whole wall of bookshelves and I couldn't buy one shelf at that price.

Kenzo Shelf

So how do I get the look without giving up an arm or a leg?  In one word -- Lowe's.  Lowe's has the same look of the more expensive shelves for a fraction of the price ($70).  I know I could have painted the metal and shelves but I like this look just fine.  The best part is, besides the price, each shelf can hold 800 lbs.

NEWS -- I have moved

Most already know, but I have moved back to Asheville, NC.  I love that I moved to same apartment complex that I lived in before too.  Asheville is such a cool city and I can't wait to show you my Asheville as well as bring you more fiber art that I create, and decorating my apartment with budget friendly finds. 

No this is not my new home, but couldn't resist posting this picture of Biltmore.

Friday, December 28, 2012

As Much ......

As much as I loved my chickens, I decided to sell them.  They went to a real nice family that already had many of the same kind hens I had AND they had 2 little boys that already loved them.  So what am I up to now .....

I am knitting, crocheting, and spinning my own yarn.  I am saving my money for a spinning wheel and hope to have that by July.  Right now I am using a Turkish Drop Spindle.  It is one of the oldest tools known to man because they have used it to make fabric since right after Adam and Eve got kicked out of the Garden -- lol -- they had to make those clothes from something.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Hens

Hello everyone -- I now have 20 hens, all Gold Comets.  Ten of the hens are only 20 weeks old so they are not all laying yet.  I love them and have so much fun taking care of them and watching them through out the day.

Since my last blog post, winter has passed and it is spring here in the "High Country" of North Carolina.  I have planted some salad greens, onions, strawberries, and early peas.  I can't wait to get the rest of my garden in. 

I have a lot going on this spring and summer too -- the local farmer's market, selling my knitting and crochet, and of course selling my eggs.

I also hope lots of my family will be here to see me too. 

Don't forget to live every breath

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Holy Cow or I should say Holy Chicken -- I am now getting two eggs a day from the first 6 gold comets I purchased. The first girls are now 22 weeks old.  I decided to get 6 additional gold comets that are 19 weeks old. When they all get to laying I should get about 10 eggs a day.  Gold comets are prolific layers and can lay up to 300 eggs a year.  I was so excited when I got the first egg but today I was excited at the size of this egg. 

This picture is of the first egg I got and and the next picture is the one I got today.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Girls

I've had my Golden Comet chickens for 3 weeks now and they are about 20 weeks old.  They haven't started laying eggs yet but I expect them to any day now.  Each day they get out of the chicken house while I do some clean up.  This pic shows them eating under this pine tree -- one of their favorite spots.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The chickens are here

Lordy, I had no idea they would be so big.  They are amazing and I am learning so much.  Of course I caught a cold so I feel like doggie doo but the chicks still get attention.  They aren't laying yet -- maybe another month

Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Again it has been a long time since I have posted.  I have ordered 6 Gold Comet pullets from Shook Poultry.  I also hope to get 6 more chicks when I go on September 3 to pick them up.  That will be 12 chickens 16 - 18 weeks old.  I want to show the progress and my journey with chickens since I have never had chickens before.  My neighbor Walter Ford is helping me build the chicken house and I so appreciate his help.  If you are interested in purchasing fresh eggs at $3 per dozen, please let me know.  Picture to come soon!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It has been a long time

Wow -- with facebook, I hardly ever post on my blog -- but here goes.  My yard is green and looking for it's first mowing.  The garden is plowed but needs tilled.  I hope to have lots of fresh vegetables this year.  I am starting on my scare crow.  I have cleaned up the area for the chicken coop and hope to have lots of chickens and eggs too.  Oh -- I adopted a 14 year old cat -- Woody.