Sunday, January 25, 2009

:Ladies Personalized Handkerchiefs Are Back

I have in stock lots of handkerchiefs ready for personalization again. Use them for Mother's Day, birthdays, Easter, birth of a new baby (1 for mom & 1 for baby) bridal parties, the bride, tea parties, or any special occasion.

Monday Show and Tell at Make Mine Pink

Please join us on the forum at to see what we are working on.

This week I added a couple of things with a rose theme.

I also added some new items to the support the cause of breast cancer research and women's heart disease.

And I added 3 bridal items

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Romantic Roses -- Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink

I’ve never seen a rose that I didn’t love. From the first tender blossom of early spring, gently swaying in the breeze, to a beautifully and painstakingly stitched needlepoint, rich in history, I adore them all!

Roses represent so many different things to each of us and are often used to celebrate special occasions such as weddings, births and anniversaries. Roses have also been used throughout the centuries in grand estate as well as small cottage gardens, many styles of home décor and of course fashion. Milliners used silk roses to embellish the finest hats, while seamstresses stitches the richest brocade drapes adorned with roses.

Throughout the years, famous artists have studied and painted every aspect of the rose. Antique lithographs and modern impressionistic paintings inspired by the great rose artists from the 1800s, grace our homes today with their everlasting beauty. Roses continue to gracefully fit every lifestyle and décor.

If you have a soft spot for roses as I do, won’t you please join us for PINK FRIDAY at Make Mine Pink on Friday January 23rd as The boutiques at Make Mine Pink present “Romantic Roses.”

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What A Day -- Yes We Can

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Show and Tel Monday

Please join us on the forum at Make Mine Pink for Show and Tell Monday. This week I have created a blog for my granddaughter, Amanda. She will be keeping a blog about recycling, fashions from thrift store finds, and frugal living. See her blog at
I also am in Valentines mode. I just added this sweet Lavender Sachet

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Announcing a new blog

Amanda, my granddaughter and I are launching a new Blog. It is called Up-cycling Amanda. On this blog we will give you all kinds of tips for being frugal, up-cycling clothes to make new fashions, and offer grocery bags we'll be making that you can purchase.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Something New

Here are some of the new items I am listing on my site this week. The salt and pepper shakers are so cute and a must for any collection. The "Mother" plate is one of my favorite collectibles, and of course the pillow is so sweet.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pink Friday In With The New

The year 2009 promises to be full of fun and exciting themes for your shopping pleasure. Won't you join us each Friday as Make Mine Pink presents Shopping with a Twist?

“In With the New” With the the New Year well underway; many of our resolutions neatly tucked away. Were your plans to add a new color to brighten even the dullest of January days, or perhaps organizing your desk just to clear things away a bit? Was it resolve for time spent alone in thought with a fresh new tea and new decorating book, maybe candles to brighten even the darkest of winter evenings, or a special bubble bath for a relaxing spa night? Which ever way you celebrate “In with the New” the boutiques at Make Mine Pink are ready and able to help with a glimpse of new trends, colors and designs for a fresh start to your new year.

Please join the boutiques at Make Mine Pink Friday January 16th for shopping with a twist.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Show and Tell Monday

It has been a while since I have done a show and tell Monday with Make Mine Pink. This week I uploaded two fabric designs to and will be adding a set and an additional pillowcases done with machine embroidery for the Shopping Friday.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Making Way for the New at Make Mine Pink

The year 2009 promises to be full of fun and exciting themes for your shopping pleasure. Won't you join us each Friday as Make Mine Pink presents Shopping with a Twist?

Don’t you just love the first week of January? All the holiday trimmings are stored away, the gifts are in use or proudly displayed, our houses are freshly cleaned and organized, and all the proper pillows are back on the sofa.

But wait—there is something, just a little something, nagging at us. Yes, time for a quick change here or there. Maybe new pillows will make that sofa more inviting, a new rug to give the room a quick pick-me-up, some different everyday dishes would perk up the kitchen, or the fresh sent of a new potpourri will welcome us home each day. Well, that is it... the wonder of the New Year—we see everything anew.

The Boutiques at Make Mine Pink are experiencing the same thing. We love everything we offer in our boutiques (our merchandise is gorgeous), but it is time for us to straighten up the shelves a bit, look at everything with new eyes, and refresh our stock. So, we are celebrating this Pink Friday with a special “Making Way for the New” shopping event. Don’t be fooled by our fabulous sales, this is not old, dusty, unwanted stock. It is our usual, beautiful and unique merchandise! We just need it to go to a new home so that we can stock our shelves with new and even more exciting merchandise for the new year.

Don’t miss this once a year event! Friday, January 9th at Make Mine Pink!