Friday, August 24, 2007

OK Yo-Yo's Get In Line

This is a picture of all the yo-yo's I've finished in the last 3 weeks. Seems like they could just line them selves up and make a quilt. Hop to it Yo-Yo's! The blue ones will make a yo-yo tote bag, the light pink ones a yo-yo doll, the dark pink an Irish chain quilt, and the Christmas yo-yo's will make lots of projects.
Seems like I should have more piles of these little cuties for almost 500.

I'm so addicted to yo-yo making.

The Cat is Almost Out of the Bag

As you can see from my post I will be part of the Make Mine Pink Tea Party on September 10. I have chosen to also have a theme for my tea party. The theme and prize on my blog is still a secret. If you would like more information on the mmp tea party, please see my post below or go to

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Make Mine Pink Tea Party

Fill your week with Tea Parties !!!

Starting Monday September 10, have a fun filled week with the Make Mine Pink Bloggers as we host a virtual Tea Party.

All the information and a list of participating Make Mine Pink Blogs will be posted on Make Mine Pink's blog so watch for more details as September 10 draws closer.

Why Tea Party? Well what can be more fun, tea for two, tea for one, a princess tea, a mother/daughter tea, best friends tea, long lost friends tea, or to just take a moment to slow down and enjoy the tea. Join in on the fun and host a virtual tea party too.

We will be visiting all the Make Mine Pink blogs and yours too if you decide to host your own party. You will see beautiful and unique tables set for tea; many will have a special theme. Will you join us and post a photo of your Tea Party on your very own blog? Post a comment on Make Mine Pink’s Blog and we will include you on the list.

So expect many visitors and please have cookies ready.

September 10 Mystery Event

I'm still not telling --- but on September 9 there will be 5 clues on my Blog. If you find them all and email me the clues, you will be put in for a drawing for something from my web site. More info to come later.

Music on My Blog

As much as I love Scottish fiddle music I wanted to change things around a bit. I now have A Josh Groban Tribute Band playing some piano music. It is very pretty and a lot more claming. Who knows what I'll have next week. Check back often to hear.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's My Birthday!

I love birthdays. I think celebrating the day your were born is such a great human phenomena. How old am I? Well I remember when the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan, I remember where I was when John F. Kennedy was shot, I remember Woodstock, I remember living with out running water or indoor plumbing. We were not allowed to wear pants to public school. I have two children, 6 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. How old does that make me? I'm not telling. But it's my birthday and I'm doing a Happy Dance.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Quilt Blocks at Denbigh Days

September 15, 2007 I will have a table at the Denbigh Days Fair. I will be selling quilt blocks, redwork, tea towels, and some items made with yo-yos. At this time I have several sets of quilt blocks finished. You can see them on my web site at

I am in the process of making some additional quilt blocks and would like your suggestions. What kind of embroidered quilt blocks would you like to see and in what colors? Here is an example of my work. I have patterns for children, heirloom patterns, Baltimore quilt patterns and many others. Please help me to decide what to take.

Leave comments on blog or email.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Yo-Yo Quilt

I have made more than 300 yo-yo's since the end of July. In doing so I have used up most of my smaller stash of fabric. I have them in purple, pinks, and blues. To make my first quilt, I have chose to work in the pinks. I pinned together 16 of 9 yo-yo sets adding up to 144. I now realize that i need 3 times that to make a large quilt. So now I have to decide on my next fabrics to purchase because you know I'll never find the exact fabrics I had. I think I will work around the 9 blocks with tone-on-tone of pinks and creams. Any way here is my first picture. Those corner yo-yo's are really pink and the tiny flowers in the between them are pink too.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Victoria Magazine is Coming Back

I loved this magazine before they quit publishing. I still have at least 2 years worth stored and vow not to get rid of them. One of my favorite monthly articles was how they would feature women in business using their calling card. It reminds me I need to spiff up my cards.

You can subscribe to the magazine through Amazon here on my blog by clicking the picture of the magazine in the top left corner.

What a wonderful gift idea

This vase would be a wonderful gift idea for a bridal shower, baby shower, wedding reception, going away gift, or for someone in the hospital. You can write out your message, purchase other colors of the permanent ink and make it artistic, or sign as shown in the pictures. How about writing the date of your anniversary or even the names of your favorite flowers. Another idea would be to give it to your mother on her birthday dated and signed by her children and then collect one a year. I'm sure there are 100 other ways to use the vase too. You can purchase the vase on my website at

One Month Till September 10

On September 10, I am having a mystery event. I still can not reveal any clues except that it will be fun.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wedding at Beloved-Creations

It isn't often I talk about my wedding items for sale. But on I have a whole category for weddings. Here are just a few pictures of what you can purchase on my site. If you don't find what you are looking for please email me at and I will try to find it.

Look What I Received In The Mail

Nancy Jo is the most talented thrifter I have ever seen. She can find things the rest of us can only dream about. Saturday I received from her a needle book like I collect and a sweet little card. Thank you Nancy!!

See her blog at

Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's a Secret -- Mark Your Calender

My mother loved mysteries. She could read a stack of mystery books in no time. Is this a clue to Sept 10? Maybe. Here is a picture of my mother. She was so beautiful.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's a Secret -- Mark Your Calender

Mark your calender for Sept 10 for Beloved-Creations Blog Spot. More info to come in the weeks ahead. A "Mystery" Event.