Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My first yoyo

They are called yoyo's. I'm not sure why except maybe because they are round? But anyway I made my first one today. I hope to make a lot more as they are easy to transport while you wait in lines or offices. What will I make with them? I was thinking just some small projects. Stay tuned as I figure it out.

Also my daughter in Tennessee bought me this John Deere Bank to save money for a farm. Too cute!! Love you Teresa!!

I have a needle and I'm not afraid to use it!

When I was in Tennessee visiting my daughter and grandchildren, my grandson Jon was pestering me about something while I was doing some hand embroidery. I told him "look I have a needle and I'm not afraid to use it" teasing him to leave me alone. He got me back when I was teaching my granddaughter to do a "salsa dance." I do have to say that I am not a skinny person and I am over 50 so when my daughter filmed it with her cell phone I did think it was funny especially when I tripped and almost fell. What I did not think was funny is when my grandson put it on u-tube. I don't know the address but I think it is under funny clips called Salsa Grannie. If you can find it, have a good laugh.

So I'm am getting back at him. Here is a pic of my grandson. Isn't he cute!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Free Shipping Free Shipping Free Shipping

Starting the Christmas Season off with Free Shipping. From August 1 through Christmas 2007 everything on my web site, etsy site and pink boutique will have no shipping costs. This does not include items on my blog through amazon.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Catch Me Wearing My MMP Pin Again

I am home in Newport News, VA. As I am out and about today I will be wearing my pin. If you see me and mention my blog or Make Mine Pink or my web site Beloved-Creations you will get a gift from me and an extra chance to win great prizes at Make Mine Pink.

Where will I be? Well I be at my favorite coffee hang out, the doctors office, the fabric store, the bank, and pharmacy.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Catch me wearing my MMP Pin as I travel home

On Thursday, July 25, I will be traveling from Clarksville Tn to Newport News, Va. I will be wearing my MMP pin and stoping for gas, coffee, to eat, and to stretch. If you spot me you will receive a gift from me and an extra chance at prizes at http://makeminepink.com

New Children's Items

have hand embroidered two items for children. The first is a yellow duck with an umbrella to keep the rain away pillowcase. The pillowcase is standard size. You can find this item on my etsy store at http://belovedcreations.etsy.com/

The second item is a bonnet girl with the saying "Sugar and Spice" cotton piece. Use it as a base for a pillow, quilt, or wall hanging. It can be found at http://beloved-creations.com/ under Beloved Children.

New Quilt Blocks

I love these pretty pink quilt blocks. These dresses all have a different fill pattern. The blocks are 15x15 white bleached muslin with polyester thread. See my web site at http://beloved-creations.com/ for other blocks

Quilt would look wonderful as a wall hanging or in a young girls room.

Time to go home

I have been in Tennessee almost a month now and tomorrow I will travel back to my home in Newport News Virginia. I really like it here in Tennessee though; the hummidity is lower and I feel so much better, there are rolling hills, lots of farm land, my daughter is here and my aunts, uncles, and g.ma are near. I will miss it all very much.

Sunday my daughter, me, my neice, and my grandson went to Adams Tennessee to the Bell Witch Cave. Of course I fell I just about broke my foot. But the cave was very interesting. They family that owns the farm where the cave is located also have a replica of the house the John Bell and his family lived in. It was quite a story and lots of fun.

Here are some pictures.

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Quilt Block Patterns

I have finished a set 0f 10 of the red quilt blocks and have started the pink and grey set. Here is are pictures of the first two.

93 Years Young

I was in Krypton Kentucky (in Eastern Kentucky) this weekend to celebrate my grandmother's 93rd birthday. She is the most wonderful woman. She has been more than strong when she needed to be and kind when it was called for. I love her to death.

This picture was taken in my uncles summer kitchen. They have a log house he and his wife built themselves and they then built this summer kitchen. The second picture is of my daughter and niece and another view of the summer kitchen.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beautiful Guest Towels

I love the designs that I machine embroidered on these linen blend towels. They are for sale in my pink boutique on makeminepink.com only.

Monday, July 09, 2007

July Heat -- Hello from Tennessee

It is July and it's hot. I have such a hard time in the summer with the heat. Even if I stay indoors with the air conditioning I get asthma and I swell. (TMI -- I know too much info). I have found that here in Tennessee I don't feel as bad as I do in Virginia. Maybe because the humidity is worse in Virginia. But it is summer and I deal. How about you? How do you beat the heat?

My 4th was great -- here in Tennessee you can buy fireworks and shoot them off -- can't do that in Virginia so my daughter bought a bunch of fire works and we had our own show. It was so much fun.

Next week end my daughter and I are going to Kentucky to my grandmothers 93 birthday. She is only 4 hours from here. My grandmother is the most amazing woman and I love her to death.

I'll be in here in Tennessee for another couple of weeks then back to Virginia to prepare for two big craft shows.