Sunday, June 24, 2007

Build A Jacket

I am adding a new category to my web site called "Build A Jacket." You will be able to send me a jean jacket and I will embroider pretty much what ever you like on it. Then I will send it back to you. Here are three examples:

1. Jean Jacket 1

  • Add lace or fabric to collar and cuffs
  • Change out all the buttons

  • Personalize with embroidered name or quote

2. Jean Jacket 2

  • Embroider scenes of different garden features

  • Embroider lady figures

  • Embroider animals

3. Jacket 3

  • Send a blazer style jacket

  • Change buttons

  • Add embroidery

  • Add lace or fabric

  • Personalization

Pictures are some of the things I can do the the embroidery machine

Catch Me Wearing My MMP Pin

I am traveling to Clarksville Tennessee on Thursday, June 28. So from Newport News, VA to Clarksville, TN you may run into me wearing my pin. Please be sure and ask for an extra chance to win prizes at Make Mine Pink and receive a small gift from Beloved-Creations by me. Check out Make Mine Pink at

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Dreaming of a Farm

It has been on my heart and mind for many years now that I wanted to buy a farm. I want to raise chickens, goats, sheep, and rabbits. I want to grow enough food to be self sufficient. This farm would be in the Tri-State area of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. I would like to have about 25 acres with some woods and a house set back from the road. I would still have my embroidery business and would sell things like cheese, goat milk, and vegetables to the local area.

It is a dream I want to see happen in the next year so I have decided to start my FARM Bank. In the jar will go all of my change. In a special bank savings account I will add money every week from my other bank accounts. Half of what I clear in the business will go into the FARM Account. So the Dream is on Paper now. I'll keep you posted on my steps to walking free.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thank You

I want to thank every one who visits my blog and my web site. I appreciate all of you and hope you will continue to browse and coment on what you like here. I also want to thank all those who have been ordering the items I list from Amazon for you. The ordering helps me so much. If there are books or other pink items you would like to see listed, please let me know.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Find Me Wearing The MMP Pin

I live in Newport News, VA. It is half way between Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. During the MMP Diamond Contest many of us are wearing MMP Pins. Tomorrow (Which is Tuesday June 5 and Wed Jun 6) I will be visiting my favorite SB in town and visiting a shop or two in Warwick Point. If you see me wearing my pin you get an extra chance to win great prizes at MMP.

Coffee -- The only love money can buy

I have been addicted to SB Coffee for some time now and make no excuses for the portion of my budget that goes to support SB. But I have found something I like even better.

Make some coffee at home and put a small scoop of SB Coffee Ice Cream in it. Oh man it so good I just have to close my eyes to drink it. It's probably a good think SB does not sell their ice cream in their cafes or at least they don't in my area of Virginia.