Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pink Friday "It's in the Basket"

It's in the basket!

"A tisket, a tasket" - Treat your family and friends to a gift basket!

You never know what you might find "in the basket" from the wonderful boutiques at Make Mine Pink! You may find tea baskets, potpourri baskets, altered art baskets, personal indulgences baskets and maybe even baskets of chocolate.

It's the perfect time to plan ahead for your gift giving or maybe just indulge yourself! Ask our boutique owners to ship your gift just in time for the holidays. They'll take care of the rest! You can be sure that whoever your gift recipient is, they'll be thrilled with your gift!

So, get out your shopping list and join us Friday October 31st for "Shopping with a Twist" to find out what your favorite Pink Boutiques put in their baskets!

Please join us for PINK FRIDAY at Make Mine Pink on Friday October 31st.

The boutiques at Make Mine Pink are pleased to present "It's in the basket."

Joyce Lucas, Founder

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Twelve Days of Christmas Shop Hop at Make Mine Pink!

Please join us for Make Mine Pink's 12 Days of Christmas Shop Hop!
When: November 2nd - 13th

You can register now or wait until you've found one of the Christmas Trees.

Registration is necessary to get credit for each of the trees that you find.

What makes this shop hop different than all of our others? There will be prizes daily! If you're registered, you are eligible to win prizes each day! Winning a daily prize will not exclude you from winning the grand prizes.

Please register and read the instructions to participate. Not only will you have an opportunity to win fabulous prizes, but you'll have an opportunity to shop unique and specialty products and participate in specials and events at some of the individual boutiques. The shop hop is open to anyone that would like to participate over 18 years of age (limit one registration per physical address).

Kindle Books

These are the books, etc I would love to get with a new Amazon Kindle

1. Outlander Series -- Diane Gabaldon
2. The New York Times
3. The Onion -- Blog
4. Death of a Gentle Lady -- M.C. Beaton
5. Any craft books

If you received a Kindle

If Santa brought you a Kindle for Christmas -- what 5 books, magazines, blogs, or newspapers would you like included in your gift. Make a list on your blog and then link it with Mr. Linky.
See my example above.

Monday, October 27, 2008

What is Oprah's New Favorite Gadget?

Just in time for Christmas. I would love to have one of these Kindles. The ability to read on this new digital media would be such a great relief. New titles are coming out all the time -- newspapers, magazines, novels, etc.

"Meet the Amazon Kindle™, a wireless portable reading device with instant access to more than 190,000 books, blogs, newspapers and magazines. Whether you're in bed or on the train, Kindle lets you think of a book and get it in less than a minute." from

Show and Tell Monday at Make Mine Pink

Good morning everyone. I hope you will join all the ladies on the Make Mine Pink forum for a wonderful Show and Tell Monday. I have been working on a lot of new stuff this week. First I want to show you the progress of my table scarf and then a new project that is so cute. I am also highlighting a new category on my website called Teresa's Corner. Teresa is my daughter and she loves vintage finds and primitive decorating. So this category will have items for sale that she has found in her trips out and about.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yo-Yo Flip Flops

Please leave me a comment for a chance to win these Oh So Cute Yo-Yo Flip Flops. Comments must be received by Sunday, Oct 26, midnight.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Join Us at Make Mine Pink for Roses on Friday

Please join us Friday October 24th for "Coming Up Roses"
I’ve never seen a rose I didn’t love. From the first blossom of spring, gently swaying in the breeze, to an intricately stitched needlepoint, rich in history, I love them all.
Roses represent so many wonderful things and are often used to celebrate special milestones such as weddings, births and anniversaries. Roses have also been used throughout the centuries in estate and cottage gardens, home décor and fashion. Milliners used silk roses to embellish the finest hats, while seamstresses stitches the richest brocade drapes adorned with roses. Throughout the years, famous artists have studied and painted every aspect of the rose. Antique lithographs and post cards from the 1800s grace our homes today with their everlasting beauty while roses continue to gracefully fit every lifestyle and décor. If you have a soft spot for roses, won’t you please join us for PINK FRIDAY at Make Mine Pink on Friday October 24th. The boutiques at Make Mine Pink are pleased to present “Coming up Roses.”

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Stroke of Insight

Today on a stroke survivor talked about her incredible journey to recovery. Her book is my featured "Book of the Week -- My Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte Taylor"

As many of you know I suffered a mild brain injury in 2003. Most of the time you can not tell that I have any problems, but it is the totality of my day and long term problems that someone would notice. I have learned, the hard way, that almost no one cares or takes the time to understand the affects of what it takes to stay engaged in life and process all that goes on around us. Nothing is as clear as we would like when you suffer from a brain injury. We forget the easiest task but can often articulate the most complex idea. I also know that the brain can change and learn new ways of doing things but it is a life's journey.

I hope many will take the time to read this book -- and reach out to those around you that have suffered a stroke or other type of brain injury.

Oh My -- How many days until Christmas

My plan this year is to create gifts and items for sale that transcend Christmas. In other words, I am going back to my companies roots of "Today's Embroidery -- Tomorrow's Heirlooms." Look for new items and gifts that you can keep to pass down through your family and friends. Items such as hand and machine embroidered pillowcases, table scarves, handkerchiefs, monogrammed gifts, vintage linens, and many other personalized items.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Show and Tell Monday

Well, my sewing machine is down and will be fixed in a couple of weeks, and I haven't been doing too much hand sewing but my daughter and I have been listing some things on the net including ebay. So here are some things I have listed on ebay.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

In the Hope Chest

I Remember when I was a child, the mystery surrounding a hope chest was almost more than I could bear. I didn't even understand the concept, but knew it was something special and I wanted one of my own some day. Every year my older sister received something for Christmas "for your hope chest." As the years passed, I started to understand that the meaning of owning a "Hope Chest" was different for everyone. For some it was planning for a special wedding day that was sure to come, others used it to store heirloom linens and treasures passed down from generations, and yet for some, it held sad memories of dreams never realized. If you've been lucky enough to have a hope chest or perhaps had a glimpse into someone's, you'll find that no matter the purpose, each "Hope Chest" tells a story. What's yours?

Please join us Friday October 17th for "shopping with a twist" as the shops at Make Mine Pink present "In the Hope Chest."

I am really back this time

Wow, I have not been posting or even on-line for days. My internet was down for 3 days and I just have not been able to get my self together after this move. But I'm back in my groove and will even have my radio shows again starting next week. Also look for new items on

and my website

All pink ribbon items are on sale on my website. Check them out for a 10% discount.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I have finally settled

This has been one of my most difficult moves. First I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to move to Asheville, NC that I love or move to Clarksville, TN that I don't like as much. The tipping point was moving in with my daughter and grandson. We found a cute little house for rent in Clarksville and we have set about getting things moved in. We both have some furniture and things here and both have a storage unit each in Virginia. My daughter plans to empty her storage unit at Christmas and I will empty mine in March.

The second reason this move was hard was because of the death of my grandmother. In 3 years I lost my mother, long time boyfriend, and now my grandmother. I am OK but the grief process has to take it's course. I think it is the hardest things families go through many never do well at this time. Feelings get hurt, tempers flair and it is real easy to say and do things that you will regret. I pray that my family holds together during this time.

Third thing is I fell again. I can't believe it. I was sorting through some books and went to get up off the floor and my left leg collapsed and I fell on my right leg with the knee extended. I ended up in the emergency room the second day I was here. I was just so tired after making two round trip car trips to Eastern Kentucky that I didn't pay attention to my strength and got hurt. It is getting better.

Fourth and lastly is moving my business. My machine needs some work and I had to turn down some work at the same time I was moving my business. I had to take off my site many personalized items until the first of November when the machine will be up and running again.

I know it sounds like all was negative but it wasn't really. My grandson and I get along so well and so do my daughter and I. Every company we dealt with including the landlord, cable companies, etc have been super nice. My car insurance was cut dramatically and I still have my business.

Yes, it was a difficult move but I'm so glad to be here and back to posting.