Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Public Speaking -- Story Telling

Once Upon A Time -- One of my great loves is story telling. We have traced our family through Scotland, Ireland, to the Appalachian Mountains and with 5 generations still living there is no lack of tales to be told. I weave the tales of history, family, fabels, and my own thoughts to make an exceptional story telling event.

Types of stories:

  • Battles of Scotland
    Ancient Irish History
    Appalachian Mountains
    Historical Family
    Recent Family
    Bible Women -- one-women-interpretation
    Ghost Walks

Other Types of Speeches:

  • Brain Injury -- I also speak on the affects of brain injury and have spoken at the Virginia General Assembly Budget Hearing, the Newport News City Council, Age and Abilities Expo, EasT Virginia Medical School and many other events.
  • Mentorship -- the importance and how to set up a mentorship program. I have been a mentor in Toastmasters for years and in other situations in the workplace.
  • Mental Fexability -- How to change the way you react and think about what goes on around you.

I live in Newport News, Virginia, between Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. I travel from the Nags Head area to Elizabeth City NC, Virginia Beach to the Washington DC area to Charlottesville on to Roanoke to tell my tales.
For information on available dates and price, please contact me at

I have been a member of Toastmasters International since 2000. I have given over 50 speeches within Toastmasters, over 100 outside of Toastmasters. On July first I will be the Immediate Past President of the Oyster Point Speakers Club and the Area Governor of Area 12 in Virginia. Toastmasters is a public speaking and leadership club.

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