Friday, March 14, 2008

You Make My Day

I got this "You Made My Day Award" and just wanted to pass it on. When you get a moment pass it on to 10 others who you find inspiring too.
Janet of because she makes every day fun and beautiful.
Roxie of for her innovation.
Dianne from She is such a delight and makes the most fab hand bags.
Cathy from for her pink fairytale cottage.
Brocante Home for their bright colors and articles.
Nancy Jo of she know how to thrift.
Cherry of for her life in another country.
Living in France for her stories and life in France.


Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Janet!

This award is so you! Love that you received it and it is so well deserved. You make everyones day full of sunshine and especially mine. Love your blog and love your blog talk radio interviews. You are amazing!
Janet's Creative Pillows

Cherry Menlove said...

Gosh, thank you so much for thinking of me when giving this award out. You have such a super blog.

Lots of love

Cherry Menlove

Cathy said...

Hi Janet ~ Miss Blog Talk Radio,

Thank you so much for giving me the "You Make My Day" Award. I am so very happy that you love my Pink Fairy Cottage as much as I do!

You are a sweetie.