Friday, June 20, 2008

How Do You Go Green?

Green is IN!! What do you do to go green at your home or business? Leave me a comment and I'll add it to the Green List. Don't you just love this goat.
My bad! This is a sheep not a goat. Now I'm laughing.


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Recycle ! Love vintage items and use recycled bags etc.


Mom2fur said...

That's hysterical! But...isn't it a sheep? It looks fleecy. Oh, who cares? It makes me smile!

The way I go green is to use cloth napkins whenever possible, as well as cloth cleaning rags. I sew, so it isn't a stretch. I also have a lot of cloth bags for the grocery. But...can I tell you how many times I've gotten halfway through my shopping and realized I left the darn things in my car????? I swear there should be idiot chimes telling you that you forgot those just like the ones that remind you not to leave your keys in the ignition...
Hey, I'm trying to link to a blog or two in all 50 states...and you are my Kentucky blog! Hope you stop over for a visit!

Mom2fur said...

Ha, ha...sheep or goat, he's still funny!
Wow, thanks for mentioning me on your radio show. I'll have to look it up...I guess you can listen on line?

Patricia said...

I love the smiling lambie!! So cute.


Robin said...

I take my kids empty juice pouches and sew them together to make bags with reinforced nylon strap handles and we use them for everything. The library, grocery, beach, you name it. I still collect all the pouches from them and am now making bags for friends and family. Its time consuming but a fun little craft and recycling all in one!