Friday, December 12, 2008

How would I fix the car crisis

First of all I don't often get on a soap box, but every now and then I just feel I have too. The auto industry bridge loans begs me to speak out.

Why give the car manufactures the money when the cars on the lots are not selling. What -- are they going to continue to make cars that sit in lots somewhere? No -- the automakers have not shown they can run a profitable business. Also the dealers can't afford to get new cars when they can't sell what is on their lots.

I say give the 35 billion dollars to the tax payers in the form of grants. Car 5

If you gave a 18 thousand grant to individuals to purchase a new car -- not a luxury car but a good mid range car the government could buy almost 2 million cars. This would help the local dealers and give the parts, dealers, and the auto makers a new place to start.

Who would get the 2 million cars
1. People on disability based on ability to drive -- current car must be older than 5 years old
2. Single working mothers (have custody of their children) who we know make less the men do
3. Single working fathers (have custody of their children) because they don't receive as much child support because women don't make as much as men do
4. Working families

This is my opion but seems to me a better solution that what is being proposed.

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