Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You all will think I'm Crazy But......

I have always wanted to do this. I had planned to go to Paris this spring but I am helping with my grandkids till my daughter goes to boot camp this summer. So when she gets through with her boot camp and training I plan to go on the road. I will buy a van and convert it. I will live in this van for a year traveling from place to place. I plan to take my business with me and not only sell on line but at shows too. I'll soon be 56 with my children grown and no one I need to take care of besides me, I think it is time to live the gypsy live I have always dreamed of. I will keep you posted on the steps I'm taking and how it turns out. I don't plan on leaving until 2/2010, so I have plenty of time.


Susan - My Vintage Charm said...

Sounds wonderful. Will you be stopping in Minnesota? Would love to hitch a ride *smiles*

What a wonderful way to spend a year! Maybe more! *smiles* WOW ... lucky you! I'm so happy you'll be able to live out your dream. Have fun!!!


Sheri said...

Crazy? Absolutely not! Crazy would be NOT doing it! Go for it! Enjoy life to the fullest and follow your dreams. I am envious at your courage to do this.
Sheri~~Prim Rose Hill Studio

Michele said...

Sounds like a wonderful life...something I'd like to do one of these days! If you run through Wisconsin...let me know!