Thursday, May 07, 2009

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink

Beautiful blues… the classic colors of sea and sky. Once a year, beautiful blues against crisp, clean whites adorned the blue and white issue of Victoria Magazine. Do you remember how you anticipated your copy? Blue is calming and serene. It's a coastal color, often used in bedrooms and rooms of relaxation. From delicate pastel to a deep, emboldened navy, adding blues to your décor can evoke a tranquil yet often vibrant mood.

In the bathroom, perhaps a white towel edged with beautiful blue forget-me-nots and pale blue trim. On the kitchen table, a teapot or tea cup with a blue floral pattern, or a shabby blue tea cozy that warms a pot with beautiful blue, waiting for a friend.

White pillows dressed with lavender blue roses or embroidered bluebirds on a white bedding set. On a bedside table, a white vintage doily with blue accents and edging, a grandmother's white hanky stitched with a dainty blue ribbon. A blue and white needlepoint cushion set carefully upon the bed - an elegant white lily surrounded by a blue fringe. On a white fleur-de-lis shelf, a Battenberg lace fan with vintage millinery flowers, in a color pronounced "bleu". A vintage robin's egg blue bottle stopped with white fabric flowers, tied with a pale blue bow. A white bowl hand painted with blue morning glories. Hanging on the wall, a French ribbon glitter plaque of white doves and blue roses. By the front door, a nautical tote bag that reminds you of the sea. In the craft room, oceans of blue and white fabric, or a sprinkle of blue flowers. Near the telephone, a handcrafted notebook, embellished with blue sky. In a jewel case, a single blue bead on a string or a classic blue cameo.

Stitched bluebirds, hydrangeas and bows. Tiny blue lights, sweet as cotton candy. Handmade bouquets of blue roses, or a single blue pansy. Beautiful blues surround us, and remind us we are home.

Photo Contribution 1: Noelle Garrett Designs Photo Contribution 2: C'est Chouette

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