Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday's Product of the Day

Order a set of 3 or 4 sets of 3 to make a dozen of these sweet rosebud or lavender sachets.
Here are some great ideas:
  • tucked away in drawers
  • in a linen closet on each shelf
  • hang on a door
  • put them in shoes you are not wearing
  • in purses you are not using
  • put them in luggage
  • a school locker
  • a gym locker
  • gift basket item
  • baby's room
  • under pillows
  • order extra to give as gifts
  • SWAG bags

You can find them on my website at http://beloved-creations.com/ or on my boutique at Make Mine Pink at


Patricia said...

Very nice, Janet. You know I love sachets and potpourri!
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

Tedi said...

Janet, What a lovely idea! Tedi