Saturday, November 06, 2010

Knitting Socks

Oh my goodness -- I think I am unteachable when it comes to knitting.  I have a great teacher but my brain just does not want to knit.  But I am determined to learn it by-golly.  I am making a pair of socks -- I hardly ever wear socks my self but these will be a Christmas present if I get them done.  The other knit project is a scarf in this wonderful crazy yarn I fell in love with.  The red and white yarn just has to hats.  I even have a commission to make 2 crochet hats from this yarn.

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Susie said...

Hi Janet! How is Fall in your new corner of the USA? Snow yet? I am like you. I can crochet with my eyes closed and really desire to knit but find it so frustrating! I hope you find out the secret so you can tell me. Best of luck!
The Polka Dot Rose