Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Dreaming of a Farm

It has been on my heart and mind for many years now that I wanted to buy a farm. I want to raise chickens, goats, sheep, and rabbits. I want to grow enough food to be self sufficient. This farm would be in the Tri-State area of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. I would like to have about 25 acres with some woods and a house set back from the road. I would still have my embroidery business and would sell things like cheese, goat milk, and vegetables to the local area.

It is a dream I want to see happen in the next year so I have decided to start my FARM Bank. In the jar will go all of my change. In a special bank savings account I will add money every week from my other bank accounts. Half of what I clear in the business will go into the FARM Account. So the Dream is on Paper now. I'll keep you posted on my steps to walking free.

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