Sunday, June 24, 2007

Build A Jacket

I am adding a new category to my web site called "Build A Jacket." You will be able to send me a jean jacket and I will embroider pretty much what ever you like on it. Then I will send it back to you. Here are three examples:

1. Jean Jacket 1

  • Add lace or fabric to collar and cuffs
  • Change out all the buttons

  • Personalize with embroidered name or quote

2. Jean Jacket 2

  • Embroider scenes of different garden features

  • Embroider lady figures

  • Embroider animals

3. Jacket 3

  • Send a blazer style jacket

  • Change buttons

  • Add embroidery

  • Add lace or fabric

  • Personalization

Pictures are some of the things I can do the the embroidery machine

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