Monday, July 09, 2007

July Heat -- Hello from Tennessee

It is July and it's hot. I have such a hard time in the summer with the heat. Even if I stay indoors with the air conditioning I get asthma and I swell. (TMI -- I know too much info). I have found that here in Tennessee I don't feel as bad as I do in Virginia. Maybe because the humidity is worse in Virginia. But it is summer and I deal. How about you? How do you beat the heat?

My 4th was great -- here in Tennessee you can buy fireworks and shoot them off -- can't do that in Virginia so my daughter bought a bunch of fire works and we had our own show. It was so much fun.

Next week end my daughter and I are going to Kentucky to my grandmothers 93 birthday. She is only 4 hours from here. My grandmother is the most amazing woman and I love her to death.

I'll be in here in Tennessee for another couple of weeks then back to Virginia to prepare for two big craft shows.


Arlene said...

Hope your visit goes well Janet, stay cool!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Janet, Try to stay cool. I am in Virginia and the humidity is so bad. What craft shows do you do in Virginia? Happy Birthday to your Grandmother.