Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Heart Stopping Good Christmas Cookie Recipe

Here it is -- my recipe for "Heart Stopping Good Christmas Cookies"

Please read the whole recipe before starting

1. Start with a basic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
2. Substitute oil with Butter Flavored Crisco that comes in a stick
3. Add double the nuts
4. Add double the chocolate chips
5. Stir together with your hands -- there should be very little dough -- just enough to stick the chocolate chips and nuts together.
6. Spoon out onto a cookie sheet and bake until done by the regular recipe temp and time. You do not want to over cook the cookies -- since there is so little dough, they don't take very long to bake.

I don't recommend that you eat these cookies more than once a year, that is why I call them Christmas Cookies. The Crisco that makes them so good is soooooooo bad for you Hence "Heart Stopping -- eat in moderation.

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Britta said...

Why is it that EVERYTHING I love to eat is not good for me?

These sound wonderful!

Now you've got me hungry and I have to go raid the fridge:)