Friday, August 08, 2008

Rt 127 Yard Sale in Russell Springs Kentucky

Yesterday I braved the yard sale and had so much fun. I ran out of back before I ran out of money though. Meaning my back hurt so bad I had to quit shopping before I ran out of money. Well, then I saw a sign for handmade quilts and bought one so I did come home without any yard sale money left.

I did want to post 2 pictures before I write more about the yard sale though.

This is a piece of farm equipment for sale by a very nice older gentleman I met at the yard sale. He gave me his card that reads -- Ralph's Yard Sale. I also learned he was written up in the Russell Springs newspaper and is very active in keeping the yard sale shoppers safe.

Any way, this piece of farm equipment is very old and if I remember what he told me it housed a gasoline engine and a grist mill. The price on this machine was very affordable for the farm equipment collector so check him out. He was just South of Russell Springs on the left in one of the clusters of yard sales. You can also reach him at 270-866-4392

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