Saturday, September 20, 2008

Go Red

Connect with women who share a passion for women's heart health

Host your own viewing party

It's shocking news for many people: Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women in America.

Go Red For Women aims to bring this news out of the shadows and into the open. The first step is to start the conversation. Although heart disease is a serious subject, Conversations from the Heart: A Go Red For Women Discussion Guide gives you fun tips to create an activity that could benefit your heart — and the hearts of those you love, helping each other live longer, stronger lives.

You can get your friends, family members and co-workers to support each other by encouraging them to share their stories. Together, you can watch the first-ever Go Red For Women network television special and get the dialogue started!

One in three women has some form of cardiovascular disease. Sharing your personal health choices, successes and struggles can help other women live longer, stronger, healthier lives. Unique stories like yours are at the heart of the Go Red movement. So please, pass yours on. Connect with women who share a passion for women's heart health. Every time your story is heard, you've helped a heart.

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Beginning Sept. 20, Go Red For Women will be in living rooms across the country

One woman dies almost every minute from heart disease. Yet studies show that only 21% of women view heart disease as their greatest health threat. That's why the American Heart Association's Go Red For Women is bringing the faces of heart disease into living rooms across the country in a new NBC television special, Untold Stories of the Heart. The show, featuring Marie Osmond and hosted by Hoda Kotb, raises awareness through the personal stories of women living with heart disease.

The special will premiere in a limited number of markets on September 20, and will air across the country in the weeks to follow.

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