Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I have finally settled

This has been one of my most difficult moves. First I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to move to Asheville, NC that I love or move to Clarksville, TN that I don't like as much. The tipping point was moving in with my daughter and grandson. We found a cute little house for rent in Clarksville and we have set about getting things moved in. We both have some furniture and things here and both have a storage unit each in Virginia. My daughter plans to empty her storage unit at Christmas and I will empty mine in March.

The second reason this move was hard was because of the death of my grandmother. In 3 years I lost my mother, long time boyfriend, and now my grandmother. I am OK but the grief process has to take it's course. I think it is the hardest things families go through many never do well at this time. Feelings get hurt, tempers flair and it is real easy to say and do things that you will regret. I pray that my family holds together during this time.

Third thing is I fell again. I can't believe it. I was sorting through some books and went to get up off the floor and my left leg collapsed and I fell on my right leg with the knee extended. I ended up in the emergency room the second day I was here. I was just so tired after making two round trip car trips to Eastern Kentucky that I didn't pay attention to my strength and got hurt. It is getting better.

Fourth and lastly is moving my business. My machine needs some work and I had to turn down some work at the same time I was moving my business. I had to take off my site many personalized items until the first of November when the machine will be up and running again.

I know it sounds like all was negative but it wasn't really. My grandson and I get along so well and so do my daughter and I. Every company we dealt with including the landlord, cable companies, etc have been super nice. My car insurance was cut dramatically and I still have my business.

Yes, it was a difficult move but I'm so glad to be here and back to posting.

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