Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I saw my life flash

Today I was walking my cart to my car in the wal-mart parking lot when this woman came into the lane I was walking in and almost ran me over. She was less than 3 inches from my hip when I looked behind me and literally jumped out of her way. I saw my life just flash before my eyes. I am so glad she didn't hit me and I tried to catch up with her to let her have a piece of my mind but she moved on faster than I could catch her. She looked to be over 65 years old and I guess just did think about the front end of her car being that close to me.
Road Rage

Oh well I'm OK and very blessed.

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*~Dark Crystal Queen~* said...

Hi Janet!

How are you? I am so sorry you almost got hit by a car! How scary! People can be so darn careless these days. A 10 yr. old in my neighborhood died this week because he was hit by a car. So sad. Life is truly precious. An angel must have been watching over you. Just happy you are okay. Hope you are doing well. Have a happy day pinkie!

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