Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pink Friday at Make Mine Pink -- Romantic Delight

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday May 1, 2009 as we present "Romantic Delights"

Remember when you realized that your mom was the most beautiful of all? And every Mother's Day since then, you've wished for a way to say thank you for all the gifts she's given you. Romantic delights - exquisite creations that inspire remembrance of times past - also inspire gifts for Mom this Mother's Day.

Nostalgic gifts such as a vintage-inspired hankie, reminiscent of one that her mom may have carried in her purse. A needlepoint pillow whose design speaks to Mom's heart and reminds her of evenings spent stitching while the children slept. Quilt kits to fill her quiet time with the fabric of reminiscence; journals almost too beautiful to write in to set down her most secret hopes.

Beautiful silk roses, now made from hand dyed silks and made to wear on her finest church dress; painstakingly arranged silk hydrangeas, scented with the memory of gardens past. Pink rose-patterned china resting in handcrafted cupboards, floral swags gracing white display shelves. A ceramic teapot with a perfectly-formed rose lid, to serve tea to her dearest friend. And for when she's tending her garden plot or walking her favorite garden path - bird feeders, plaques and statuettes to welcome her. Totes decorated with embroidered hankies and floral handbags crafted from romantic fabrics carry spring and remembrances when she walks to the nearby park or her favorite store. Heirloom jewelry made from the finest crystal beads; broken china charms, engraved with a special memory. Antique copper pendants, vintage silver charms. Cameo-inspired jewelry and accessories. Recollections of a daughter asking, "When will I be old enough to wear that?"

Perfectly placed touches - floral decals and stitchery, lace trim, satin ribbons, paper roses - bring romance and recollection to Mom's everyday. Sparkling lights as delectable as the sugar-coated candy she used to buy from the five and dime. Whimsical treats - Cinderella slippers decorated with glitter and jewels, pillows shaped like lovely ladies, faux cakes iced with ribbons and lace - satisfy romantic whims. Scrapbooked memories sprinkled with flowers and stamps. You'll find romantic treats to delight any mother at Make Mine Pink

Photo Contribution 1: Vintage Charm Photo Contribution 2: Meadow StreetJoyce Lucas,Founder

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