Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Catch Me Wearing My MMP Pin

Beloved friends, I will be out and about tomorrow all over Newport News -- Starbucks, the bank, paying a couple bills, getting gas, purchasing packing stuff, getting my storage unit, and the pharmacy. If you can find me wearing my MMP Pin, you will get a gift from me.

Find me or not, take a look at all the shops at Make Mine Pink, these women are wonderful!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Why do you see all these other companies on my website and Blog

I have been actively seeking relationships with companies that I like and would buy products from. You may ask -- If someone buys from one of these companies doesn't it take sales away from the things you make? No, not really. I try to find companies that have products I don't have. This way you can find almost anything you could want from Beloved-Creations. For each of these companies, I have to be approved and adhere to their terms. So these are not just random advertising spots. These companies also send me specials all the time, so watch out for extra savings. I choose who I want on my sites based on the type of products they sell. An example is that I make coffee sleeves and give you the opportunity to purchase coffee from other companies. I sell burp cloths for babies and have affiliates that are related to children. I sell one of a kind custom bridal items but also offer a place for you to buy flowers and stationary. It is a win-win for us all, and I hope you will enjoy looking through all the different companies. I also love finding PINK items on Amazon so don't forget to check them out on my blogs.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Breast Cancer Bracelet

I just added this beautiful "Breast Cancer Bracelet" to my website. I love the pink beads and the disk with the ribbon. Look for other Pink Ribbon merchandise on my website under http://www.beloved-creations.com/catalog.php?category=10
You can also find Pink Ribbon items I selected from Amazon on my blog for you to purchase.

Two of my favorite things -- Coffe & Yo-Yo

I have made these cute coffee cup sleeves to sell in my website. Each one is different, many with yo-yo's, buttons, and fun embroidery.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Survived Denbigh Days 2007

The only thing good about this day was the wonderful people I met. Every one talked about how they used to know some one who made yo-yo quilts. The wind was blowing so strong, that it blew away those covers everyone uses at fairs to keep the sun off them. Even the mayor's cover flew away. It was a struggle all day to keep my light weight embroidery from blowing all around. I put water bottle on every stack. I also had those fold out dryer racks to hang some of my quilt blocks on and they keep bowing down. The lady next to me had a Christmas Tree with ornaments and the tree went flying away and most of the ornaments broke. The only people making any money where the food vendors. So all and all it was a bust -- But I had a great time.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Yea, I Have 2 Winers

Yes, two ladies have emailed me with correct answers, so they get to pick out tea towels from my http://www.beloved-creations.com/catalog.php?category=31 site.

I also had so many of you wanting to be part of the mystery round-robin letter, that I have decided we should do it. Look for information soon!

Monday, September 10, 2007

No One Has Won Yet! Here Is 1 Answer!

No one has sent in the answers yet!! I'll give you the answer to the frog and murder mystery question. What do frogs and murder mysteries have in common? They both croak!

Join Me For a Tea Party

One of my favorite things to write or tell stories about are mysteries. I have also, always wanted to have a round-robin mystery letter. I would start the mystery by writing to a friend, they, in turn, would add to the mystery and return it to me. We would go about this until the mystery is resolved and could actually publish a story with our writings. So join me for a "spot of tea" and write a note to a friend.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Clues for the Mystery Tea Party

Here are the promised 5 clues -- Please read carefully! Email the answers to janetinva@hotmail.com Do not post here.

  1. How many frogs are on this blog?

  2. What do frogs and murder mysteries have in common?

  3. What is the name of my new blog?

  4. How many items are there on my website on the following page? Go to http://beloved-creations.com/ Beloved 4 Home, Embroidered Tea Towels.

  5. Where am I from -- City and State? This answer is on my new blog.

Do not answer these questions until 12:00 noon on Monday, when you see my Tea Party Layout Post. The first two people that answer all questions correctly after 12:00 noon on Monday and the picture of my Tea Party is posted, will get to pick out a tea towel from the Beloved 4 Home, Embroidered Tea Towel Category!

Mystery Tea Party

Tomorrow is the day! The clues for my mystery tea party will be posted later tonight. There will be 5 clues on the http://beloved-creations.blogspot.com/ blog. The first 2 people to send me the correct answers to the clues tomorrow, will get a nice little gift from me. More to come later!

Yo-Yo Quilt Table Runner

Here is my very first project with all those yo-yo's I have made. It is a table runner and I have made two squares to set dishes on like bowls, etc. I do love make these yo-yo's and over the winter months I hope to make a bed quilt or at least a lap quilt.

Friday, September 07, 2007

I Have A New Story Telling Blog

I have just added a new blog to my site! I have been telling stories for years and now have a blog site dedicated to stories, mysteries, and mystery books. Please feel free to take a look and don't forget the September 10 mystery event. http://beloved-creations-storytelling.blogspot.com/

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Pink, Pink, and More Pink

As you can tell from reading my blog, I love the color PINK! If you love Pink like I do, I have made it easy for you to find those Pink items that are so hard to find. Just click on the pictures and you will be forwarded to Amazon to make your purchases. Don't like Pink, then use the search tool to search for what you like. I also have new affiliates that are available for you to browse through.