Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Eastern Continental Divide at Blackberry Cabin

Driving home from Boone, NC,  I was so surprised to see the sign that read "Eastern Continental Divide" two miles from my house.  I started researching it on-line and found North America has 3-5 continental divides according to the drainage basins.  Of course most people know about the The Great Divide in the West but there is also the Northern, the Eastern and the St Lawrence Sea Way. These divides separate the watersheds that drain into the oceans.

The Eastern Continental Divide runs south through New York down the Appalachian mountains to the watershed of the Florida Bay, which then separates into the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. Most of the info on this subject I found on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  There is so much more than the simplistic definition here, but I thought it so interesting.

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