Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I'm stuck at Blackberry Cottage

This horse lives in the field next door -- I think he is laughing at me!!
Lordy -- I decided I would brave the mountains after the snow and my car battery was dead as a door nail.  I guess I left one of the doors open a little and the overhead light stayed on from Friday till today which is Wednesday.  I got that fixed and was backing down my drive way and got 1/2 way and got myself stuck trying to turn around.  Now a tow truck has to come and get me out.  Maybe I'll stay in till Spring!


Mary Patterson said...

Oh, My goodness, Janet. What a welcoming to your new home! Hopefully that will be it & you can now settle in & have NO MORE trouble. Hope the weather is better than here in Richmond, VA - we are snowed in for the 3rd storm this winter - ICK!
Blessings, Mary Patterson

Janet Bernasconi said...

Hi Janet!

Oh my gosh what a way to start in your new home,but hopefully this too shall pass and you can begin to enjoy. I hoe you are feeling good Janet and I wish you all the best of happiness as you start anew.

Many hugs to you pinkie,
Janet's Creative Pillows