Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Crazy Tuesday

Today I had a doctor's appointment so I got ready to go to town, packed up the garbage and put it in my car,  when a tree run out in the driveway and hit my bumper.  Can you believe it? (HaHa)  I guess it was a good thing since if I hadn't hit that tree while backing out to my turning spot, I would have gone in the creek.  That would not have been fun.  I was so busy trying not to hit my porch that I forget the trees behind me.  Oh Well!

So I go to take my garbage to the dump and guess what?  It is Tuesday.  Which means it's closed.  I know this but somehow I forgot.  So now I have to go to town with a bag of garbage in my car.  When I get home -- I think -- what am I going to do with the garbage?  It is warm outside so it will smell by tomorrow.  I can't leave the window down because animals may get into my car.  So I just bring it back into the house and will take it to the dump tomorrow.

Does anyone know what this is?  What is the smoke stack for.


gail said...

Hi Janet,,, that darn TREE!. LOL I am glad you didnt end up in the creek though, but man What a day... the dump closed to. I guess it takes a while to adjust to country life! lol
Have a great week at Blackberry cabin. (()) gail

antique-boutique said...

Oh Janet, I'm sorry I laughed at your story! I kind of pulled the same trick a few months ago...I backed into my car with my truck! Who put my car in my way? Oh, it's good to see that I'm not alone in my antics!