Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I Have A Mouse

Why in the world an over-weight, out of shape 56 year old woman with mild congestive heart failure and arthritis want to live way out in the country like I do here at Blackberry Cabin?  First I have the strong pull from the Blue Ridge Mountains is all I can say.  I love it here.  I feel free here, and I feel at home here.  Second, I have to get in better shape physically, which means walking out to my mail box, walking in this big yard, gardening, and a lot of other things I have not had to do in a very long time.

So after my first week here and surviving my first big snow storm, I fry some bacon for breakfast and in runs to the kitchen a little field mouse that has come in from the cold.  Well I shoo it away but can't find where it came into the house.  So I called my rental office to let them know I was fine after the storm and told them I had a mouse -- they told me to buy a mouse trap or pellets (they laughed and said this nicely -- I love my rental co).  It was a wake up call -- that hey I need to take care this, I need to do the things to keep the house safe and myself safe and in better shape.

Why is this a big deal -- I have rented apartments for years and they took care of the maintenance, then I lived with my grandmother for a year and my uncle took care of these things, and then I rented a house with my daughter and she and my grandson took care of these things.  So here I am and it makes me happy that I can deal with my mouse problem. 

It's a start!

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