Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I've Made Friends With My Lawn Tractor

Today I was supposed to go see a friend's studio, but I was itching like crazy from the medication for my shingles to keep me from being itchy and in pain -- go figure -- I had to cancel.  After two doses of antihistamine and a nice nap I wanted something to do so I thought I would finally go out and make nice with my tractor.  Once I realized that I was in control and not the tractor, we got along just fine.  I mowed for just under 2 hours.  The pictures show just some of what I mowed today.

You can see here how high the grass is -- part of the reason it is taking me so long to get it all done.

I was working on crocheting a basket but the yarn didn't work for the pattern so I took most of it out and now have a round dish cloth.
Back a few post, I said I wondered if this was going to bloom -- well it is.


Mom2fur said...

You live on very beautiful land!

I've had several crochet projects that ended up being something else. As long as you can get use from it, it's better than tossing your project after all that work!

Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

Hi darlin'... just checking in on you while my 'puter is on ... I am so impressed by you !


Janet Bernasconi said...

Oh Janet how beautiful! What fantastic scenery. It must be so calm there. I love it. So happy you are crocheting and making pretty things. Have a fun weekend.
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