Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lawn Tractor Part 3

OMG -- Why did I think that all I had to do is get on the tractor and drive?  Noooooooooooooo!  You have to make sure the choke is set, the gears are set, the blades engaged and how high.  First of all I am not strong enough to push the lever to engage the blades.  Then I am too scared to drive it and since my yard is not level I am scared I will tip over.  It also doesn't help that the seat keeps letting me slide off.  My neighbor came over and showed me how to use it.  He told me I had a very good and powerful machine but I might want to hire someone to mow the steep parts of my yard.  It's crazy but I am going to learn.  This is what we got done today.

You just can't believe how steep this yard is, especially when you are on a lawn tractor.  My house is just out of sight in the pic above.

I was thinking we could play extreme croquet in this yard.  Wouldn't that be fun.  There is at least 2-3 acres with a creek and a small back yard.

My neighbor told me today that these were apple and peach trees.  I can't wait to taste some fresh peaches.  He said there are also some blueberries bushes behind them too.

Anyway, I am learning to drive the tractor up and down my driveway and across the street to my neighbor's house before I tackle the yard again.

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antique-boutique said...

LoL...sorry...I have a yard like yours at my other house. It has steep hills and runs down to a creek. I refuse to mow it neighbor does it for me.

Where I am now is small and flat, I like it like that lol.

Enjoy your mowing!