Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It Is Spring at Blackberry Cabin

I love Spring so much.  It feels like life renewal.  I want to sing and dance and play and get my hands dirty.  Life is good!  Here are some pictures of my yard and some of the things I have done with the cabin. 

Day 1

These are the pictures of my Cherry Blossom trees in my front yard.
Day 4

This tree is starting to turn green not sure if it is flowering tree or not -- can't wait to see

A nice little spot to ponder life and listen to the creek

Wild flowers and a little water fall

I love African Violets and yes this plant stand is made of thread spools

Instead of curtains in my living room I draped a hand embroidered table topper on a curtain rod.

My dulcimer


Mary Patterson said...

Ooohhh, Janet - you are going to have SO much fun as things starting blooming there. I love your pictures! Hope your daughter is doing well - praying for her. Take care of yourself!
Mary Patterson

antique-boutique said...

Imagine in just a few short weeks everything will be green and blooming!

Great idea on the curtain and the shelf!

Thanks for sharing, enjoy your photos!