Thursday, April 08, 2010

It's Raining Today

Every day I look outside I see wonderful sites either in my yard or around the area.  I try to always have my camera with me when I get in my car or go for a walk. I had my camera with me today and finally took a picture of a Blue Ridge Parkway bridge that is near my house. A couple of days ago I also saw 6 Red Tail Hawks taking care of feeding and nesting on some tree tops at the top of a ridge. They were huge and amazing!   Of course that day I forgot my camera.

 It finally cooled off today and we've had a good rain on Blackberry.  Doesn't the rain make everything look washed and clean again? 


lisa said...


Sounds like you have found the perfect place for yourself.

I love the rain too.

Have a wonderful day.

antique-boutique said...

What a beautiful calming picture! Yes, spring is wonderful, the flowers, the trees, the fresh smell in the air, love it! Thanks for sharing!


Patricia said...

I know what you mean, Janet. I really have to get in the habit of keeping my camera with me all the time. I see things that I would love to share and never have it. That bridge is quite beautiful. Enjoy all the wonderful springtime sights.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings

gail said...

Hi Janet. I have loved following your adventures at Blackberry Cottage. You are truly living your dream. I love the photos. I am glad you are enjoying your spring.

The shelves made from thimbles is so cute! :)
Have a great day, gail