Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why did I ever??????????

I purchased a lawn tractor and when the company delivered it to me they showed me how to use it.  Well I got information overload and couldn't remember what they said.  I have the flu and needed to go to the pharmacy for a prescription and since the tractor was behind my car I had to move it.  I turned it on, put it in gear and nothing happens.  I look around for levers, knobs or what ever to make it go forward but all I see is something that looks like a gas pedal.  So I push on it and nothing.  I am not going anywhere.  So when I lift my foot off the pedal the tractor jumps forward.  I just miss my car -- thank goodness for a tight turning radius.  So I put my foot on the peddle and remove it slowly thinking that is the way to drive forward.  Well no it is not.  I was headed straight for the creek in my yard.  I got it stopped just in time.  So until I can read up on how to use my new tractor, it is parked.

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